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William Gargan

William D. Gargan IV
Indio, CA 92203

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A Not-To-Be-Missed Evening of Star Gazing

Just got back from our wonderful evening with Bill Gargan.  The telescope and lenses are wonderful.  Bill knowledge is expansive and his elegantly small observatory is first rate.  A must do experience for anyone who thinks they have “seen it all” in the desert!


Culver City, CA

Unforgettable night of Star Gazing

On a lovely night in January we traveled to Indio for Gargan Observatory. We loved it! We enjoyed several hours in an amazing backyard observatory with a passionate stargazer with high tech telescopes. We had a once in a lifetime experience gazing at nebula, planets, our moon and galaxies.


The “wow” factor was out of this world…

We recently enjoyed a cool and thrilling evening at Bill’s observatory, experiencing both a learning and awe inspiring time. Bill is extremely knowledgeable and well versed in astronomy and was able to easily convey that to 2 amateurs. The evening, in his peaceful retreat, with lovely background music was just fantastic.

Gene F.

Brenham, TX

An Amazing Evening

Mr G. is a very passionate astronomer. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.. Excellent viewing of stars,nebula & constellations. Very worthwhile.


Columbus, IN